A Little Legal Help Could Be The Answer to My Prayers

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As most are aware that follow my blog, I’ve been very vocal about the County Jail Guards who raped and tormented me for approximately 258 days when I was incarcerated back in 2001 awaiting my trial. The media had long made sure that I was convicted many months before my trial ever came about. The hype, the hysteria they created is what led the Predator Jail Guards into believing that they could get away with anything in that jail because –who would believe me or any other inmate in there?

Though I’ve been out of that jail for quite some time now, I still wake up in the dark listening for the quiet snip of the Pod door , the sound of their shoes on the floor, the jingle of keys on their belt loops as they roamed the tiers looking into cells, carefully choosing each victim… I hold my breath much like I did then when I was there until..I realize that I’m home in my room and they are not here. I will never forget the terror, the fear crawling through my body gripping me so tight that I could not utter a sound…as they made their rounds. I will never forget their hands, their mouths, their invasion of my body as they raped me.

There are days and nights that I struggle and wish I could forget what the County Jail Guards did to me. There are times that I wish I could close my eyes and wake up in Heaven, safe and free from them forever. But in those times, I now gain strength, for what once nearly caused me to take my own life, those feelings of helplessness, of despair, of fear—brought on by the horrible times I had to endure being subjected to abuse and sexual assault over and over again by those Predators wearing a shiny badge in that jail..now forms a barrier in my mind, my heart, my emotions, my soul. A resistance, a resilience within me that says ‘I WILL STAND AGAINST YOU’.

Those Predators wearing their shiny County badges are a shame, a blight on the others that wear those Badges and do good with it. The Predators taint the image, the reason for the existence of the Badge in the first place. The County where this happened which many of you that know my story already know, is tainted, corrupt due to the Predators that they knowingly allow to wear the Badges…Badges meant to uphold the law, to keep the peace…Badges that were not created for monsters to wear. Yet why does the County allow the Predators to continue wearing those Badges?

I reported the rape and abuse that happened to me back when I was in the County Jail in 2001. I had a rape exam and it showed I’d been raped yet it was covered up by Corrupt Badges.

Predator Jail Guards who have many times stalked and harassed me ever since…Why would they continue this vile behavior, year after year, month after month, day after day? Well, since when does anything a Predator does ever make sense?

I’ve reported their stalking to those who are supposed to deal with people in a government agency that abuse their position of power. Yet nothing is done.

I’ve reported even recently in the past few weeks what the County Jail Guards did to me in that jail and that they have stalking tendencies still…to the County Prosecutor’s Office, to the Attorney General’s Office, to the Governor’s Office….and yet no one ever gets back to me to deal with the issues.

Why don’t they address the issue of the Predator Jail Guards? That County knows that they have a problem in that jail. Recently like within couple years ago they held a County Jail Guard Deputy accountable for sexual misconduct, he ejaculated on a female inmate… but that was only after the inmate reported the sexual misconduct in another State and was lucky enough to have the evidence on her body at the time to do so. The inmate that reported that crime against her was lucky indeed to have found the right Badge to report it to. A badge not Corrupted. Yet the Deputy, the County Jail Guard that did the crime… still got a light sentence. Another case in the County where a County Jail Guard physically assaulted inmates…yet he got a light sentence due to his long time service because…boys will be boys so to speak, he was just being a bully. Since when is being a bully okay? Yeah he got inmates to say he was a good guy that just had a bullying problem…but I wonder, what convinced those inmates to write and testify on his behalf?

Corrupt Predators allowed to get away with abuse… Oh hey, it’s okay, Mr. Predator, you’ve worked here for years, we got your back….seems to be the County’s answer to addressing issues of County Predator Jail Guards abusing their position of Authority over inmates…Since when is physical assault and sexual assault something deemed okay? Is it because it happened to an inmate?

No matter what a person is accused of or convicted of –they do not deserve to be physically or sexually assaulted. An inmate locked up in County Jail should not be viewed as “less” than human. They are very human and regardless of whether you like them or not, they have family, they have friends, they have ties within their communities…just like you do. And they have feelings just like you do. How would you feel if you were physically assaulted and/or raped? Are you more human than those who are locked up in a jail cell?

The Predator’s stalking and harassment is hard to prove…and even if it was easy…the County is likely to continue to ignore it…because to address it would cause them to have to deal with all the issues that come along with it. There are too many County Jail Guard Predators and to address them all….would mean, 1.) admitting you have a problem, 2.) You have to hold them accountable to the full extent of the law…not give them just a slap on the wrist saying…oh you bad boy…, 3.) They’d have to compensate the victims…meaning treating the inmate like the human they are and doing what they do for other victims of crimes.

Just because an inmate is in a jail and is sexually and/or physically assaulted doesn’t mean that the Perpetrators, the Predator’s wearing the Badge that did the crime against them should get away with it. A crime is a crime even if you wear a Badge while you do the crime.

I recently read a Washington Law that extended the time frame for an Adult to report a sexual assault from 10 years to 20 years. An inmate is in a very vulnerable situation when they are incarcerated. They are among the most vulnerable in society. When Corrupt Government allows Corrupt people to keep wearing a Badge and to keep abusing their position of power in their jobs to physically and or sexually assault an inmate they are just as much to blame as the Predators they are allowing to get away with the crimes.

I reported the sexual assault that happened to me when I was in that jail…back in 2001. And it was covered up. Now that I’m braver, stronger and out of necessity (due to the Stalking tendencies of some of the Predators), I have began to speak out against what happened to me in that jail…I am still reporting it by speaking out and it is still being ignored. Why? Since when did I become less human than you? I am no longer an inmate in that jail. I’ve not been what you’d call a ‘repeat offender’…

I want what you would want if you were in my situation—to be free of the Stalking and to have the Predators that perpetrated the crimes of sexual assault against me held accountable. Yeah It’s been almost 19 years since they sexually assaulted me (there is proof, a Hospital doctor rape exam report; and the fact that the County sent the County Sheriff to investigate instead of a different Police Agency like it should of been). To hold the County Jail Guards accountable for their crimes and those who covered for them is what should happen.

If you are a lawyer and practice law in the State of Washington, would you help me file a Civil Suit against the County? The case falls under State Law but because these are County Jail Guards working in a Government Agency, abusing their positions of power…it could also fall under Federal Jurisdiction. The only way the Stalking, the Harassment will stop is to hold the Predator Jail Guards accountable…and due to the Washington State Law that extends the time frame for an Adult Sexual Assault Victim to report a crime up to 20 years…Couldn’t I? Wouldn’t you?

So, money is an issue but if you are an Attorney and you are willing to help me anyways please let me know. You can contact me through my email briannakenzielivingoutloud@gmail.com

I really need someone on my side… Please read my blog post called “Brianna Kenzie Living Outloud” and “Kinship” to get a better understanding as to what happened to me legally. And read blog post “In the Silence of the Night” to get a better understanding as to the sexual assault(s) that happened to me when I was in the County Jail.

I do hope that the fact that I’m speaking out against the sexual assault that happened to me, that it will help others who have been sexually or physically assaulted find their voice and break the silence of abuse no matter what their circumstances were or are. It is the first step towards finding healing and strength to overcome what has happened.

As always, I could use your prayers in this matter. I could also use your prayers regarding my finances as well. I am a struggling Writer trying to make a living…and the struggle is real! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post.

Written Treasure

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This year I’m looking forward to publishing more books and in finishing my Freelance Writing Course. As I’ve come to realize, being a Writer can be an awesome, creative experience however, the down side is that it’s a very unpredictable career path. I was so excited to publish my first book called Chloe in December 2019 but then so disappointed when the book sales I’d dreamed of didn’t happen. I want to make money to pay my bills and to live life with the things I need that are important to me. I don’t have to be rich to be happy. I just want to be successful and have a stable, good income. As a new Author, I want my books to sell not just for the monetary aspect of it but because I want people to read and enjoy the stories that I craft. When the major disappointment hit that my book wasn’t selling like I had hoped that it would I had to remember why I wrote the book in the first place. I had to go back to the beginning: I love the freedom of the creative process that writing gives. You open your computer up and have a blank canvas in front of you. It gives the opportunity to have freedom of expression, of creativity and the ability to create something beautiful.

My book may not be selling the way that I had hoped and the disappointment may at times weigh me down, but I will never regret the process of it. It’s out there just waiting for someone to choose it, a beautiful creation, though I’m sure far from perfect, just waiting to be discovered. That’s how I feel when I’m searching for a good book to read, I sift through the topics and take hold of what seems to call to me at the time. I love reading as much as I love writing, seeing a new canvas of beauty and inspiration or of action and suspense, each one a well crafted story always makes me feel like I discovered treasure. I hope that someone discovers my book and my future books that I will write. I hope to inspire those seeking written treasures.

If you’re a new writer like me, hang in there, someone is always looking for treasures. The key is to keep writing and dreaming because someone will choose your well crafted treasure.

My First Book

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I’m so excited to announce that I’ve finally published my first book!!! It has been a long journey from deciding to write the book to overcoming the fear of it not being ‘good enough’ to pushing through and arriving with a book that I feel confident and excited about.

My book can be found on smashwords.com in multiple Ebook formats including Kindle and barnesandnoble.com in Nook book format. Another easy way to find it is to go to walmart.com. If you do not have an Ebook Reader of any kind you can download the Walmart Ebook App(the App is free) and read my book (and many other peoples books that way). The quickest way to find my ebook on these sites since I am one of like millions of authors is to simply put: Chloe by Brianna Kenzie in the search area.

My Ebook Chloe is only $2.99.

The paperback version of my book can be found on the barnesandnoble.com website for $7.99.

My book is about:

Sadie Jane has worked hard to overcome her past and make something of herself. One quiet morning the life that she’s built will turn upside down when she is summoned to court and walks out the ‘mother’ of a spunky 4 yr-old child named Chloe. A little girl that nobody wants because she has been labeled as an ‘Other’, a child too young to shift into her animal form who has no Shifter Community ties. Now with the support of her family, Sadie must figure out how to be a mom in the midst of political turmoil protesting Shifter rights. Soon however, Sadie and her family cannot imagine their lives without little Chloe. But tragedy strikes when Chloe becomes one of several missing Shifters. Sadie’s faith in God is shaken to the core. Will Sadie and her family ever be whole again? Will the Shifter and Human Communities be able to put aside their differences and help Sadie find her little girl?