Written Treasure

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This year I’m looking forward to publishing more books and in finishing my Freelance Writing Course. As I’ve come to realize, being a Writer can be an awesome, creative experience however, the down side is that it’s a very unpredictable career path. I was so excited to publish my first book called Chloe in December 2019 but then so disappointed when the book sales I’d dreamed of didn’t happen. I want to make money to pay my bills and to live life with the things I need that are important to me. I don’t have to be rich to be happy. I just want to be successful and have a stable, good income. As a new Author, I want my books to sell not just for the monetary aspect of it but because I want people to read and enjoy the stories that I craft. When the major disappointment hit that my book wasn’t selling like I had hoped that it would I had to remember why I wrote the book in the first place. I had to go back to the beginning: I love the freedom of the creative process that writing gives. You open your computer up and have a blank canvas in front of you. It gives the opportunity to have freedom of expression, of creativity and the ability to create something beautiful.

My book may not be selling the way that I had hoped and the disappointment may at times weigh me down, but I will never regret the process of it. It’s out there just waiting for someone to choose it, a beautiful creation, though I’m sure far from perfect, just waiting to be discovered. That’s how I feel when I’m searching for a good book to read, I sift through the topics and take hold of what seems to call to me at the time. I love reading as much as I love writing, seeing a new canvas of beauty and inspiration or of action and suspense, each one a well crafted story always makes me feel like I discovered treasure. I hope that someone discovers my book and my future books that I will write. I hope to inspire those seeking written treasures.

If you’re a new writer like me, hang in there, someone is always looking for treasures. The key is to keep writing and dreaming because someone will choose your well crafted treasure.

My First Book

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I’m so excited to announce that I’ve finally published my first book!!! It has been a long journey from deciding to write the book to overcoming the fear of it not being ‘good enough’ to pushing through and arriving with a book that I feel confident and excited about.

My book can be found on smashwords.com in multiple Ebook formats including Kindle and barnesandnoble.com in Nook book format. Another easy way to find it is to go to walmart.com. If you do not have an Ebook Reader of any kind you can download the Walmart Ebook App(the App is free) and read my book (and many other peoples books that way). The quickest way to find my ebook on these sites since I am one of like millions of authors is to simply put: Chloe by Brianna Kenzie in the search area.

My Ebook Chloe is only $2.99.

The paperback version of my book can be found on the barnesandnoble.com website for $7.99.

My book is about:

Sadie Jane has worked hard to overcome her past and make something of herself. One quiet morning the life that she’s built will turn upside down when she is summoned to court and walks out the ‘mother’ of a spunky 4 yr-old child named Chloe. A little girl that nobody wants because she has been labeled as an ‘Other’, a child too young to shift into her animal form who has no Shifter Community ties. Now with the support of her family, Sadie must figure out how to be a mom in the midst of political turmoil protesting Shifter rights. Soon however, Sadie and her family cannot imagine their lives without little Chloe. But tragedy strikes when Chloe becomes one of several missing Shifters. Sadie’s faith in God is shaken to the core. Will Sadie and her family ever be whole again? Will the Shifter and Human Communities be able to put aside their differences and help Sadie find her little girl?