Christmas Eve Blueberry Candy Canes

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On December 24th, 2019 my sister and I went downtown to hand out blueberry candy canes. We gave them to bus drivers, customer service transit workers, shoppers and to some homeless folks.


Going downtown to hand out candy canes is a Christmas Time tradition that I love to do. People are so busy with shopping, worrying during the holiday season that I think they forget to see the blessings that they already have been given. The holiday seems to become more about money and gifts or a lack of money to buy gifts…worry and stress written all over their faces. Sometimes a candy cane can make them pause long enough to see how simple it is to give the gift of smile to someone. A gesture of kindness can do many things…no money required.

For some, Christmas is a lonely, sad time. They have no family to fill their house, no tree and no gifts to unwrap. They navigate the Holiday season watching everyone else hustling about to buy gifts for loved ones. It can be painful for them reminding them of everything that they don’t have. Sometimes giving a candy cane can lesson the pain of being alone and forgotten by family and others. The act of giving shows that person that you care for them even if you don’t know their name. It can lighten the sadness in their heart and allow a smile to creep in.

For the Homeless, those who have no where to go, those who have no family, those who have been forgotten or abandoned by their families…Christmas time can be brutal. Too many times people walk by them and pretend that they don’t see them, too afraid to make eye contact, too afraid that they will be asked for help in some way. This makes the person they are ignoring feel invisible, worthless, less than… It’s a horrible feeling to be invisible. To be never seen for the person you are, never valued… A kind gesture, a hot cup of coffee, or a candy cane with simple eye contact and a smile can help a person feel seen, valued and important.

Handing out candy canes, sharing smiles and sometimes having conversations with those taking the candy canes means a lot to me. Those smiles that I get when they reach out to take the candy canes are treasures to me. A smile given to others can brighten their hearts but to be a giver of a smile is a blessing that God has given me.

Raindeer Hunting

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When I was little my dad would go all out for Christmas morning. I’d awaken to the sound of sleigh bells and I’d jump out of bed and run downstairs to see if I could catch the Raindeer in action! I’d look around but all I’d see were the presents the Raindeer brought. I’d run back upstairs and into Dad’s room, pouncing on his bed, telling him that I almost caught the Raindeer and that their were presents downstairs! Dad would get up and carry me over his shoulder down the stairs with me giggling the whole way saying, “Let’s go find us that Raindeer!” He’d put me down and throw open the front door, then he’d announce that he saw raindeer tracks. I’d put my shoes and jacket on while he got a mug of coffee and a mug of hot chocolate for me. Then he and I would got outside and look for the Raindeer, walking carefully with our mugs in our hands.

We’d walk in circles all around our yard following ‘hoof prints’ and bits of red ribbon tied to trees. We never caught the Raindeer but the excitement of looking for him was the best thing about Christmas morning. Dad and I would talk about the Raindeer and ‘wonder’ how it could be so fast. It was a time of laughter and fun that was special because it was time that we spent together. The Raindeer gave us an opportunity to just simply enjoy the moment of being together.

After we were done searching for the elusive Raindeer we would go inside and have breakfast. While we ate we would look at the wrapped Christmas presents in front of the window and talk about what each one could possibly be. Small boxes might hold elephants. Medium boxes might hold foxes. Big boxes might hold a tiny mouse playing the Cello. And on and on the possibilities would be discussed until we were done eating. Then we’d open our gifts and see what the Raindeer had brought.

Those Christmas mornings are now long gone but I keep the memory of them safely nestled within my heart. I miss those times…

Brianna Kenzie Living Out Loud

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My name is Brianna Kenzie. The photo to the left is a current pic of myself and one of Treva Throneberry. The picture of Treva Throneberry was from 1991 when she was 22 years old. There are no known recent pictures of her.

In 2001 I was labeled as Treva Joyce Throneberry by legal authorities and the media. In 2001, Treva would have been 32 years of age. I was a teenager at the time in 2001 when I was arrested under the name Treva Throneberry. My life was irrevocably changed. I had no family to step forward and help me to clear up the legal mess. A Forensic DNA Blood Test was done, where my blood and the blood of Treva’s parents, Carl and Patsy Throneberry was compared when I asked the Judge for the DNA Test. The test results concerning Patsy Throneberry and I were inconclusive (relationship could not be determined), however, the test concluded that Carl Throneberry was 99.93% likely to be my biological father. A lot of people including legal authorities jumped on the part about Carl and I and said that it proved that I was Treva Throneberry. The test did NOT prove I was Treva. The test only proved that I was most likely Carl Throneberry’s daughter. In researching on the internet on DNA Sites, I found out that the way that DNA is between male family members can effect the results of the Forensic DNA Blood Test. If a father and son are being tested to see which is the father of a child, both of them can test positive as likely fathers of the child if the person performing the DNA Test doesn’t know that they are father and son. It goes the same for brothers however it is more likely to occur between fathers and sons. Carl Throneberry was the only male in his family to be tested to see if he was my biological father. Do I believe that he is my father? No. I believe that his biological son or one of his brothers are more likely to be my biological father–One of them (not Carl) must have had a relationship with my mother.

As for Treva Throneberry I believe that we are closely related due to our strong resemblance to each other. It is not uncommon for mothers and daughters to resemble each other at certain ages. It is also not uncommon for siblings to resemble each other at certain ages. Is she my mother? I have to say that she somewhat reminds me of my mother but due to my mother dying when I was a young child, I don’t remember her well, so I cannot say that she is my mother. Is Treva my half sister? I’d say that it could be possible but I don’t know. Is Treva my Aunt? I think this is likely possible. The one thing that I can say for certain is that I am a daughter of one of the Throneberry males related to Treva. I’m okay with this; at least I know who part of my biological family is.

As for the age differences between Treva and myself? Treva’s Foster and Medical records from 1986/1987 clearly state that Treva was 5ft 7in tall. Her driver’s license she was issued in 1987 also reflected her height as being 5ft 7in tall. In 1987 Treva was 18 years old. As for me, in 2000 I had a dental and a medical age estimation done by professionals: They said that I was: “late teens to early 20’s”. (They said that they could only estimate within a certain age range; they had x-rays to look at). In 1999 I was 5ft 5in tall. In 2001, I was 5ft 6in tall when I was arrested as well as when I was in prison. I was still 5ft 6in tall in 2003 when I was released from prison. I grew approximately 2 inches in height around 2005. And if you recall Treva’s age, in 2005, Treva would have been 36 years old (way too old to grow in height). Treva and I are definitely not the same person. There are other factors that prove we are not the same person but I am not going to get into it all. I am somewhere around 32 years old now. Treva is 50. I put the picture of myself and of Treva to show the contrast. Unfortunately, there are no known photos of Treva after 1991. I am just addressing the elephant in the room since when my name is looked up online and all the media articles written in 2001 pop up. Those articles were written primarily using conjecture and speculation which is frustrating to say the least. The media exploited not only me but the Throneberry family as well which is reprehensible. I’m sure the media made a pretty penny off of all that conjecture and speculation.

Here are some photos above of Treva Throneberry ranging from 1980 to 1991.

Another elephant in the room: in 2005 I did a legal name change, changing the name Treva Joyce Throneberry aka Brianna Rebecca Stewart to Brianna Kenzie in an effort to have some privacy from the media so I could heal emotionally and move on with my life. I stayed out of the media until 2016 when I was working at a hotel. I was background checked for the night auditor position, they had my fingerprint. The hotel employers knew about the legal mess of 2001. We even discussed it. They lied when they claimed that they didn’t know my background. They had the background report. They said that 15 years had passed since 2001, so it wasn’t relevant. I should of sued them for making it look like I’d deceived them. They also should not require lone female workers to walk around the outside of the hotel building on the overnight shift. To make matters worse the media claimed that I falsely accused a man of assaulting me. I want to clear that up. I was walking around the building as per one of my job obligations as the Night Auditor at the hotel, when a male came upon me suddenly and pushed me against the hotel building. My face was to the building. The man was stocky and a little taller than me. I got away from him; he did not rape me. The police took my report and then when they found a male out walking nearby they asked me to take a look at him. I was driven to the parking lot where the man was being held by police. I told the Police Officer that the man was not the man that had assaulted me. It is not my fault that the police arrested him. I clearly said that it was not the man that had attacked me. I was shocked when I found out that he’d been arrested. Due to all the media crap from 2001, I was made to look like the villain in this incident which is ridiculous. I was a victim of a crime (my face, where I lived, my alleged background should have never been published in the local newspaper article written about the hotel incident.

I realize that there will be some who may disagree with me on things I’ve said and you are entitled to your opinions, I just ask that you keep all comments civil. I am not here to debate what you believe. I am clearly just addressing the ‘elephants’ in the room so that things can move on. It’s been almost 20 years since all the 2001 legal mess… it’s time everyone moved on.

To this day I am still recognized legally under Treva Throneberry’s information. I’ve no idea how to set the record straight and if it’s not sorted out the worst case scenario is that I get to retire from work in 17 years verses 30 something years. I’ve no idea how to get the State to admit they made a mistake. It took 19 years for me to get the adult photo from 1991 of Treva sent to me. One thing I am glad for out of all this: I am glad to know who my biological family is even though I only know part of it.

Here are photos of myself ranging from 1997 to 2019.

My First Book

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I’m so excited to announce that I’ve finally published my first book!!! It has been a long journey from deciding to write the book to overcoming the fear of it not being ‘good enough’ to pushing through and arriving with a book that I feel confident and excited about.

My book can be found on in multiple Ebook formats including Kindle and in Nook book format. Another easy way to find it is to go to If you do not have an Ebook Reader of any kind you can download the Walmart Ebook App(the App is free) and read my book (and many other peoples books that way). The quickest way to find my ebook on these sites since I am one of like millions of authors is to simply put: Chloe by Brianna Kenzie in the search area. I am also working on reformatting my book for paperback sales and will let you know when and where it is when it is up for sale in paperback format.

My Ebook Chloe is only $2.99.

The paperback version of my book can be found on the website for $7.99. (It should be up for sale by January 9th, 2020.

My book is about:

Sadie Jane has worked hard to overcome her past and make something of herself. One quiet morning the life that she’s built will turn upside down when she is summoned to court and walks out the ‘mother’ of a spunky 4 yr-old child named Chloe. A little girl that nobody wants because she has been labeled as an ‘Other’, a child too young to shift into her animal form who has no Shifter Community ties. Now with the support of her family, Sadie must figure out how to be a mom in the midst of political turmoil protesting Shifter rights. Soon however, Sadie and her family cannot imagine their lives without little Chloe. But tragedy strikes when Chloe becomes one of several missing Shifters. Sadie’s faith in God is shaken to the core. Will Sadie and her family ever be whole again? Will the Shifter and Human Communities be able to put aside their differences and help Sadie find her little girl?