Raindeer Hunting

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When I was little my dad would go all out for Christmas morning. I’d awaken to the sound of sleigh bells and I’d jump out of bed and run downstairs to see if I could catch the Raindeer in action! I’d look around but all I’d see were the presents the Raindeer brought. I’d run back upstairs and into Dad’s room, pouncing on his bed, telling him that I almost caught the Raindeer and that their were presents downstairs! Dad would get up and carry me over his shoulder down the stairs with me giggling the whole way saying, “Let’s go find us that Raindeer!” He’d put me down and throw open the front door, then he’d announce that he saw raindeer tracks. I’d put my shoes and jacket on while he got a mug of coffee and a mug of hot chocolate for me. Then he and I would got outside and look for the Raindeer, walking carefully with our mugs in our hands.

We’d walk in circles all around our yard following ‘hoof prints’ and bits of red ribbon tied to trees. We never caught the Raindeer but the excitement of looking for him was the best thing about Christmas morning. Dad and I would talk about the Raindeer and ‘wonder’ how it could be so fast. It was a time of laughter and fun that was special because it was time that we spent together. The Raindeer gave us an opportunity to just simply enjoy the moment of being together.

After we were done searching for the elusive Raindeer we would go inside and have breakfast. While we ate we would look at the wrapped Christmas presents in front of the window and talk about what each one could possibly be. Small boxes might hold elephants. Medium boxes might hold foxes. Big boxes might hold a tiny mouse playing the Cello. And on and on the possibilities would be discussed until we were done eating. Then we’d open our gifts and see what the Raindeer had brought.

Those Christmas mornings are now long gone but I keep the memory of them safely nestled within my heart. I miss those times…

My First Book

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I’m so excited to announce that I’ve finally published my first book!!! It has been a long journey from deciding to write the book to overcoming the fear of it not being ‘good enough’ to pushing through and arriving with a book that I feel confident and excited about.

My book can be found on smashwords.com in multiple Ebook formats including Kindle and barnesandnoble.com in Nook book format. Another easy way to find it is to go to walmart.com. If you do not have an Ebook Reader of any kind you can download the Walmart Ebook App(the App is free) and read my book (and many other peoples books that way). The quickest way to find my ebook on these sites since I am one of like millions of authors is to simply put: Chloe by Brianna Kenzie in the search area. I am also working on reformatting my book for paperback sales and will let you know when and where it is when it is up for sale in paperback format.

My Ebook Chloe is only $2.99.

The paperback version of my book can be found on the barnesandnoble.com website for $7.99. (It should be up for sale by January 9th, 2020.

My book is about:

Sadie Jane has worked hard to overcome her past and make something of herself. One quiet morning the life that she’s built will turn upside down when she is summoned to court and walks out the ‘mother’ of a spunky 4 yr-old child named Chloe. A little girl that nobody wants because she has been labeled as an ‘Other’, a child too young to shift into her animal form who has no Shifter Community ties. Now with the support of her family, Sadie must figure out how to be a mom in the midst of political turmoil protesting Shifter rights. Soon however, Sadie and her family cannot imagine their lives without little Chloe. But tragedy strikes when Chloe becomes one of several missing Shifters. Sadie’s faith in God is shaken to the core. Will Sadie and her family ever be whole again? Will the Shifter and Human Communities be able to put aside their differences and help Sadie find her little girl?