Modern Day Witch Hunt

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November is a difficult month for me for many reasons however, the one that hits me hardest at times is the one from 2001. I was on trial, accused of things that should not have been labeled as crimes. And to make that matter worse, prior to my trial, I was stripped of my own identity and forced to be legally someone else. By doing this, I went from being a teenager to a 32 year old adult in the eyes of the law.

The news media went crazy, using primarily conjecture and speculation to fuel their media throw up. For over 258 days I sat in that County jail being brutalized and sexually assaulted by Predator jail guards…while the media made me “infamous” painting me a villain, a liar…

It was like a modern day witch hunt. People came out of nowhere to falsely accuse me of alleged crimes and grievances…each one seeking their 15 minutes of fame…

I could do nothing but sit in my ice cold jail cell and await my November trial. Each hearing that I was taken to leading up to my trial, the media lined the hallways as I made my way to the courtroom, with Predators guarding me…shouting questions at me that they knew I was not allowed to answer. They were not interested in truth. They wanted to sell their newspapers and garner TV ratings…My face made them a pretty penny.

Articles that labeled me as “forever young” or “teen imposter” ..popped up in the feverish media mayhem leading up to my November trial…these and other media articles manipulated the thoughts of everyone reading them. They had very little fact and were mostly written using conjecture and speculation. By the time my November 2001 trial came around, the media had already convicted me.

These articles that labeled me are still out there causing people to keep convicting me over and over again without ever taking into account my side, my age, or any other real facts because…Don’t people know that you can’t believe everything that the media writes about a person?

My November trial brought Jurors who all acknowledged that they’d been reading the newspapers or seeing the news or news shows about my “alleged crimes” based on the AGE of my “alleged legal identity”. Yet they claimed it wouldn’t interfere with their decisions concerning my trial. What a joke. The Judge even seemed to mock my concern that the news media would influence my trial outcome. Yet I’m sure he knew just like everyone else in that courtroom that the pull of the media can and does influence the thoughts and opinions of others.

I did not get a Fair trial. I was convicted by the media day after day, month after month leading up to my trial…I was not surprised that the Jury “unanimously” convicted me. But in their defense…I was made to look guilty before they even set foot inside the Courtroom.

I was a teenager accused of things that should not have even been labeled as crimes. I was teenager that was labeled as a 32 year old adult despite valid evidence that I was too young to be 32 years old physically. As well as, blood evidence, evidence that the prosecution had knowledge of via Treva Throneberry’s hospital birth record which was gotten through the Social Security Agency. Carl Throneberry had B+ blood type and Patsy Throneberry had O- blood type which means that they could not have produced a child with blood type A+. I have A+ blood type. Also, DNA evidence only proved that it was possible for Carl Throneberry to be my biological father, it did not prove Patsy was my mother. DNA did not prove I was Treva Throneberry. It only proved I was kin to Carl Throneberry.

Of course there was other evidence the Jury ignored like they did the valid age estimation of me from 2000, done before my 2001 arrest etc. like my height record of growth from medical doctors. I was 5 feet 5 inches in 1997. I grew to 5 feet 6 inches by 2001. Treva Throneberry was 5 feet 6 inches tall in 1986 according to her medical and foster care records and in 1987 she was 5 feet 7 inches tall according to her medical and foster care records and her Texas Driver’s License which she got in 1987 when she was 18 years old.

I was a teenager swallowed up by the so called Justice system. While I awaited trial, over 258 days of incarceration in the County jail, I was repeatedly terrorized and sexually assaulted by Predator Jail guards that worked there during that time. I was my own defense attorney in the end due to the bias of the attorneys appointed to represent me. Neither of the two had been willing to simply defend me by helping me to prove my innocence. I don’t regret representing myself since it gave me the opportunity to sift through all the alleged evidence gathered against me. It was all very enlightening….and pointless. All it was, was EVIDENCE of a MODERN DAY WITCH HUNT: FALSE ALLEGATIONS. FALSE IDENTIFICATIONS. FALSE ACCUSATIONS done by those in authority.

(Note: Not all of the jail guards that work in that County jail are Predators. There are a good many of them that do their jobs without ever abusing or raping any inmate.

The reference to the Predators that work in that jail is only meant to include the jail guards that sexually abuse and rape inmates and/or know it’s happening and refuse to turn their coworkers in).

(No part of this blog post is to be used without my permission. I am the author of this blog and this blog post and sole rights of the Blog content belong to me).

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