Changing Careers

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After being labeled I had no idea what I was going to do. I was an emotional wreck. But I got into College in the Fall of 2003 and began trying to put my life back together again. It took me years to earn my Associate Paralegal Degree because I was always on an emotional roller coaster. I finished my Degree but realized I was unable to work as a Paralegal. It was too traumatic for me to work in the legal field after everything that had happened to me and it was a position that required trust which, being labeled legally as Treva Throneberry, ruined. I continued in college until 2012 when I ran out of financial aid money. I was only 16 credits away from getting my Bachelor Degree. College kept me focused and helped me not kill myself (over the traumas of 2001 issues) so going all those years was not wasted time; just necessary. But I accumulated a lot of financial aid debt which I still have not managed to pay off. Looking back I didn’t really understand the ramifications of the debt I was accruing. And now, even though I go through repayment plans at times with low payments for a ‘certain amount of time’, they always end up demanding more money than I have after that ‘certain amount of time’ finishes, then I go back into default. It’s a vicious cycle. I’d do a ‘Go Fund Me’ if thought it was the right way to go… but I don’t. It’s my debt.

I began working Retail type jobs in 2004 while I was working towards my Paralegal Degree, etc and found that retail work was something I really enjoyed. It was good to have a job where I could help others find what they wanted. It felt good to be able to put a smile on someone else’s face. When I was working, I could forget about being falsely labeled and focus on helping customers, helping them feel happy with their purchases made me feel happy.

In 2015 I went on a Mission Trip to help a small Church with a Community Event and was involved in a car accident. I was a passenger in the backseat. The accident messed up my back and it’s never been the same. And now, I’m faced with finding a new career even though I am still trying to hold a job. The long hours of standing required in Retail Jobs I can no longer do because I experience extreme back pain when standing too long. It is excruciating at times. But I do what I can when I can. And now God has helped me to realize another career path.

I’ve always dreamed of writing books for a living. I was just not focused enough or able to reach for that goal until now. The car accident has been a catalyst in my changing career focus. Now, I’m currently following one of my life dreams and hope to publish my first book soon. I am excited that I’m going to finally live one of my dreams and hopefully financially I will be able to make a good living and pay off my debts.

Living my dream and meeting my goal in becoming the best Author, the best person that I can be is important to me. I won’t let a “label” that the world has put on me, stand in my way any longer. God wants everyone to use the talents that He’s blessed them with. I hope that I can use my talent to write and create, the talents that He has blessed me with, in a way that will be a blessing to Him and to others. He’s given me so much and is always helping me, loving me, healing me and guiding my path. I am grateful for His Light.